Branded Events & Sponsorship

As a national sponsor, Insperity wanted to leverage Thuzio’s corporate membership community to drive new business as well as provide an elevated environment for corporate hospitality for new and existing clients. Insperity maximized client engagement with branded private meet & greets for key clients and prospects.

In Numbers


Events and Celebrety



VIP Client





Brand Immersion

Brand logo on all event signage, invitations, step & repeat, digital promotions, and Thuzio event pages. Branded reserved seating area and one executive speaking opportunity per city.

Digital & Video

Shareable event footage inclusive of partner branding, branding on, and related social media.

Tickets to Sponsored Events

80 tickets to Thuzio events, inccluding Marquee events, for Insperity VIP clientele nationwide,


Thuzio is a phenomenal organization. It provides business people like myself an opportunity to give their clients a unique experience that they cannot get anywhere else. To be able to give a client the opportunity to meet someone like David Robinson is just a great way to build that relationship with a client, show them how much you actually appreciate them; and in turn, that just builds a stronger relationship.

Todd Richman

Financial Advisor J.P Morgan Securities