Matt Barnes

San Francisco – Jul. 18, 2017

In Partnership With

There was no need for me to even ask him about getting his potential business because it was understood that we would be working together based off the connection we now had. The next day he called me with a contract and we were able to obtain a fantastic new client because of Thuzio.

Peter Riccio - Atlas Search

It’s mind-blowing every time to see someone experience one of their favorite athletes laying a very personal experience that they aren’t going to find on TV.

Anthony Davenport - Regal Financial

Thuzio has taken my client development efforts to another level. Coupling my client events with Thuzio’s A-level talent creates unique, must-do (and often, once-in-a-lifetime) experiences that help build stronger client relationships and, ultimately, generate business.

Mike Rupe - Partner - King & Spalding

I brought someone who had served in the military and won a Purple Heart in Afghanistan and told Tiki beforehand that I was bringing him. I didn’t tell him to do this, but when Tiki got up on stage he said 'I want to recognize Kevin Martin for his service,' and people went crazy. I had a great relationship with Kevin prior to that, but that took things to a completely different level. Those are things that people remember for the rest of their lives.

Scott MacGregor - SomethingNew

"During the Thuzio Game Watch event, my client’s friend asked me to manage his investments. Undoubtedly, the event provided me an opportunity to impress my client and his guests, and now I have new business. Thuzio Executive Club is a very different way of interacting and entertaining clients and I am so impressed."

Robert O'Hara - CFP - Merrill Lynch

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